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Innovative Grain
Storage Solutions
High quality and competitively priced Superior Grain Silos.
Expert Construction, built to Australian Safety Standards.


We believe in Australian farmers and agribusiness

Ag Hub Industries understand how important efficient grain storage and handling systems are to Australian farmers.

Ag Hub Industries provide high quality and competitively priced equipment. Our equipment is available anywhere in Australia and our expert construction teams are ready to build according to Australian safety standards.

We have partnered with the most innovative brands and our team are ready to deliver solutions for your grain storage, handling and quality control needs.

Superior Grain Silos

Experience the strongest & most reliable grain storage products. Superior Manufacturing helps you be more profitable with the best grain bins.

IntelliAir Bin Manager

IntelliAir offers intelligent solutions to grain management, implementing grain bin systems designed to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Sudenga Grain Equipment

Sudenga Industries engineers and manufactures grain, feed, and seed handling equipment for farm or commercial use.

On-farm storage gives graingrowers control

With the construction and commissioning of an extra 4000 tonnes of on-farm grain storage, Wimmera graingrower Justin Ruwoldt is “taking control of our own destiny”.

The Ruwoldt family enterprise grows wheat, barley, canola, chickpeas, faba beans, lentils and peas at Kewell, 40 kilometres north of Horsham. Four 1000 tonne Superior Commercial Bin storages are being completed by AgHub Industries in time to receive the first of the Ruwoldts’ 2014-15 harvest.

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